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Thursday, October 22, 2009

All good things must come to an end

As you (if in fact there are any of you) will have noticed this blog has slipped a bit lately, I just have not had the time to keep updating it, work has become very busy and so has life so for the time being its farewell from Pippyrants. I may occasionally pop up for a rant or an update but it just feels like the right time, also a lot has changed in my life recently and its all for the better so maybe I am mellowing in my older age.

Speaking of age it is my 33rd birthday in a couple of weeks, another year has passed by - its been a good year - after far too long searching I have met someone who has whipped my life around and made me appreciate things in a different way, he makes me smile so much and I can at last say that I am in love. I have also stopped smoking, cut down on my drinking and next week I am joining a gym, fit pippy!! Work is going really well at the moment, after a long time of feeling a tad fed up, I feel like my ideas are being taken on board and I am being listened to and appreciated. My friends as always are truly wonderful - god knows where I would be without them.

Anyway that's it (for now)

Thanks for reading, Take Good care

Pippy xx

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Selling crisps for 10p? That' Asda price. Selling toys for 99p? That's Fisher Price. Selling rape stories to newspapers? That's Katie Price.

how are ya doin? I have had a great couple of weeks,it all started last weekend really, On friday night I was treated like a V.I.P literally! my beautiful friend Camilla managed to blag me a VIP ticket for Girls Aloud, Jay Z and Coldplay at Wembley Stadium, what an amazing night! we spent most of our time on the V.I.P viewing platform just to the left of the stage which had its own toilets and bar, we got there just in time for Girls Aloud, we were sat behind Sarah Harding's Boyf, Girls Aloud's Manager and Cheryl Cole's mum - how do I know this? why I am a homosexual dear of course! after they finished a great set we headed to the family and friends room which was down the players tunnel (apparently sports are played at the stadium every once in a while) the room was gorgeous with leather sofas and loads of flowers and another free bar! whilst in there we saw Gwyneth Paltrow!!! we didn’t speak but she is stunning and very tall, her height was helped by her drag queen heels - they were all kinds of fierce! got introduced to Camilla's cousin Will (the drummer in coldplay) and saw Chris Martin and Simon Pegg, they were all stood round us as we watched Jay Z from the end of the players tunnel, after Jay Z we made our way back to the viewing platform to watch Coldplay perform one of the best gigs I have seen in my life, they were fantastic! So a big thankyou to Ms Smith!!

The day after I woke up with a stinking hangover, lying across my bed, on top of my duvet still wearing all my clothes including my jacket - putrid!! didn’t have much time to hang about though as I had to get to Stansted Airport for my flight to Brittany to stay with the new man, yes I still have a boyfriend!! and he has a lovely house in Brittany so I stayed with him for 4 days and it was just perfect, lits of good food and wine, his village in in the middle of nowhere and it was the most relaxing break I could have wished for, will be heading back there pretty regularly from now on. It's all going very well and I have not been as happy as this for a long time - long may it continue

In celeb news, what are the sugababes all about? I didn’t see that one coming, I thought amelle would have gotten the boot, but Keisha got kicked out by management, its just wrong, she was the only original member! now they have brought themselves down to whole new levels - I assume they visited findanewbandmember.com, as Keisha has been replaced by Jade Ewen, this years UK Eurovision entry, I am flummoxed by the whole thing and may find myself having to lie down in a darkened room.

This weekend has been spent doing a good even mix of drinking and relaxing - friday night I headed into soho to meet up with pete, kaz, tolu and the rest of the gang, had many drinks before meeting up with John (the boyfriend), great night out but woke up feeling very special the day after, thankfully coffee and grease aided my recovery, saturday afternoon I headed to the south bank for a late lunch with oli, mel, adrian and john, great to catch up and then off to soho before heading to duckie at vauxhall which always hits the right note, I was pretty sensible and left a bit early to head home for an early start the next day.

On sunday the relaxing started with a nice drive with John to his friends lovely cottage in the cotswolds, a lush sunday roast at their local and a few lazy glasses of wine later and I was all curled up on the sofa, totally chilled, yesterday I had the day off and so we headed to Bath Spa for a day of pampering massage, facials and steam rooms - it was amazing and if I could afford it,I would do it every month! but hey its back to work now but at least my face looks refreshed and my neck is no longer stiff.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

eurgh Katie Price just go away!

There she is posing on the front cover of OK! Magazine with her son Junior, last weeks front cover featured her with the headline "I was raped" and this week she claims "I was raped by a celebrity" - believe me Katie if you are on the front cover next week I too will feel I am being raped by a celebrity! whatever next "Freddie starr ate my hamster and Richard Gere rammed his gerbil up my ass" - Just go away Jordan and please tell your new boyfriend that he is the rebound guy beforeyou bounce him out of your life like the last bunch of suckers - I was on your side girl but you need to be told!

In other news it was the MTV Video Music Awards at the weekend kicking off Madonna's tribute speech about Michael Jackson, there are very few stars who have reached the dizzy heights of fame that he managed but Madonna is pretty close and although the crowd were whooping and hollering from the start, the room soon became dealdy silent as Madonna gave a very heartfelt, teary eyed and touching speech, it was possibly the most moving speech I have heard since his death. However, this moment of the awards seems to have been overshadowed by the twatty behaviour of one Mr Kanye Wrst (is it just me or is his head and face really bizarrely shaped, he always looks like he has been given some nasty food and is storing it in his cheeks til everyone leaves the room) anyway Taylor Swift won the award for best female music vid, also nominated in this category was Beyonce. Nopw Taylor Swift is a country music singer, she is 19 yeears old and last year sold 3.7 million albums in the USA alone, this was her 1st ever MTV award, as she was about to make her speech, kanye west jumped on stage grabbed the mic and shouted out that Beyonce should have won the award, it was kinda like watching a cute little puppy being run over. In the space of a minute he ruined her night, thankfully he got booed and when Beyonce won video of the year later that night she invited Taylor back on stage to finish her speech. Now that is called grace and dignity from an exceptionally talented artist, what kanye west did was pathetic, childish and rude, he is obviously very apologetic (radio stations have stopped playing his music!) but he has been outspoken in the past but it helps if you choose your battles carefully, then again I imagine taylor swift is shifting shitloads of records now so maybe it aint all bad.

Very sad news that one of my heart throbs sadly died this week , Patrick Swayze. I remember watcing Dirty Dancing when I was younger and just falling in love with him, he had the beautiful face, the sexy ass and the moves, never really believed that he would ever fancy the big nose girl but hey it takes all sorts to make a world. I was still in love with him when "Ghost" came out and then he ended up in full drag on the film "too wong foo" he just ticked all my boxes really, RIP

Also this week I had a slight diva overload, Oprah "Queen of all media" Winfrey interviewing Whtney " The Voice" Houston, the first half of this interview was leaked on to a website that I got linked into via facebook, it’s a very moving interview where whitney is just real! so candid talking about her drug use and the violence in her relationship with Bobby Brown, she came across really well and thankfully all that cocaine has not affected her voice too much as the girl can still sing, I CANNOT wait for the album!!!


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It's that time of year again.

From september to November every year there seems to be a flash flood of new music hitting the airwaves, at the moment it's all about the women - with new singles from Madonna, Whitney Houston, Cheryl Cole, Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis all being released in the next month. It's been a while sine Madge got a mention on here but I have to say she has done it again, her new single "Celebration" is a proper dancefloor filler and the video if not too inspired is still class and she looks amazing and I would not be surprised if she scores her 14th No.1 single in the Uk with it. Leona and Whitney have both gone down the ballad route with Leona coming out the winner with her single "Happy" which is a massive, sweeping tune. Alexandra Burke's single totally appeals to the gays and the dancefloor, sadly Cheryl Cole has released a bit of a nothing song which sounds like a reject album track - tis a shame as I do love her but who knows what the downloading public will think.

I am very excited about this upcoming weekend, I am hoping to get to see the new film "The September Issue" - it’s a documentary that follows Vogue Magazine Editor Anna Wintour as she develops the september issue of Vogue, as you probably know, Meryl Streep's character in "The Devil Wears Prada" was based on Ms Wintour so this should be a fascinating insight into an icon. I loves me a good, shallow documentary and I have a feeling this will tick every box!

Last night I watched a documentary on the tragic events of 9/11, the doc was called 102 minutes and captured minute by minute what happened on that morning in New York, footage taken from peoples video cameras and phones was used and I watched it open mouthed, having been to New York twice I can only imagine how horrific and terrifying tit all must have been, to hear firefighters saying they were making there way up to the 77th floor seconds before the second tower collapsed was heartbreaking, as the anniversary of this tragic day looms it was a poignant reminder of how precious life is.

After that rather upsetting programme, I needed something shallow and frivolous to take my mind to a different place so I say hallelujah for the first episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race" on E4, 9 drag queens competing for the title of supermodel drag queen of America guided by the oh so fabulous RuPaul, it has the same feel as America's Next Top Model but instead of bitching behind each others backs, these queens do it face to face and the classic line of the show has to come from RuPaul with a totally serious look on her face saying - "now its time to lip synch for your life….and don’t fuck it up!"

My love for Ellen Degeneres increases by the day, I still cant work out how to put youtube clips on this damn thing so go to youtube and type in "Ellen Degeneres so you think you can dance" and be amazed, the new series of her chat show started yesterday in America and she rocked it for the opening - check it


Monday, September 07, 2009

Oh yet again another age has passed between blogs!

Lots to report, firstly I went to Turku in Finland a couple of weeks ago to see the lovely Anna and Tony, had such a great time, the weather was stunning and Finland (or at least the bits I saw) is simply stunning, trees and lakes galore. We did loads whilst I was there, well mainly loads of drinking but barbecues and a great afternoon at the beach, swimming in the sea, discovering the joys of drinking on riverboats all day and a very well fed cruise to stockholm and back - all in all a great time was had, also the flight back was amazing due to a clear cloudless flight along the thames with the most beautiful views of the fair city of London.

A few days after returning I was working at V festival in Chelmsford, there were not as many workers this year so we had to work pretty hard so I missed quite a few of the acts that I wanted to see but managed to catch Lily Allen who was fantastic and had great songs for the stunning sunny weather, the highlights of the festival for me were pendulum who whipped the crowd into a bouncy frenzy, Keane who are always great live but the ultimate had to be lady gaga, it was pretty much impossible to actually see her due to the huge crowd but she sounded amazing!! Oasis lived up to their twatty form by cancelling their chelmsford headlining slot at the last minute which led to their wanker fans getting angry, violent and far too drunk, but hey I came back with a tan so I can forgive.

In other groundbreaking news - I kinda sorta have a boyfriend! yes after far too long spent single I have met a very lovely man called John who makes me smile a lot and is charming, kind, handsome and a gentleman, we have been seeing each other for a month and a half, I wanted to give it a bit of time to see if the inevitable dumping was going to happen but it seems we are equally as keen on each other, so at long last pippy will not be ranting about the lack of men in his life.

On to other men now and it looks like the new series of "Strictly Come Dancing" is going to be pretty hot with Rav Wilding from Crimewatch, Ricky Whittle from Hollyoaks, Joe Calzaghe all compreting, thank god for BBCiplayer! also Zoe Lucker aka tanya turner from "Footballers Wives"! It’s a shame that ITViplayer is so crap as I wont be able to watch much X factor this year but usually the best clips work their way onto youtube so will see there.

So Kerry Katona has been cautioned for drug posession, and judging by revent pictures of her nose it looks like she is going the same way as Daniella Westbrook in terms of her nose literally dissolving with excessive use of coke, whats happening to her children whilst all this is going on? it’s a sad state of affairs and it seems she is refusing toask for any kind of help, we all saw it coming, where is her ex brian mcfadden? all I ever see is pics of him and delta goodrem looking loved up, seems like the kids would look better in that picture for the time being.

Also have been catching up with "What Katie Did Next" on ITV2, this is the documentary that follows Katie Price after her split with Peter Andre, I have to say she is not coming across very well and although its to be expected that she appears all fiesty and non-plussed by the split, it would be nice if she managed to show some emotion, a similar show focused on Peter Andre and he came across so much better, it also seems that most of Katie's staff like her manager etc seem to have disappeared into the world of Team Andre.

I am obviously getting old, this morning I woke up and popped Radio 2 on to listen to a bit of Terry Wogan, a genuinely funny and charming breakfast dj, who plays records and keeps the conversation pleasant he is also not fat so therefore preferable to lardy ass moyles but then my heart sank when he announced that he would be stepping down at the end of the year to be replaced by Chris Evans - I don’t mind Evans he has got his act together since moving over to Radio 2 but you cant beat Terry.

This last weekend I was in Blackpool for my friend Danny's 30th birthday, had a great time and don’t think I have laughed that much in ages but Blackpool is such a shithole, its like stepping back time, the stuff on sale in some of the shops is truly shocking, I cant bring myself to talk about some of it as its that offensive. I also thought it would be cheap and cheerful but some of the pints were more expensive than London!! I can only presume we were partly paying for the drag queen's electrolysis, boy did he need it, you could have pulled a comb through his back!!

I am slowly becoming addicted to twitter, I don’t put anything on there myself, I just legally stalk celebrity's, some of the people on there are hilarious and also totally innapropriate, Sarah Silverman is a twitter genius - here are just a few of her posts

misogynistic humor offends me because some of my best friends are cunts.

I look forward to a day when Hollywood finally writes good roles for babies.

I like to think of diarrhoea as "fun shit

Watched a 7 year old boy torture a pigeon today in MacArthur park. It was the performance art version of my week

Is gang rape one word or two? must know asap

I really wanna say "let's just agree to disagree" but there hasn't been a reason to. Now I know what the holocaust must've been like.

When I say "I feel like an asshole" what I mean is, "I am in the mood for an asshole."

I changed a baby's diaper today and she had a totally shaved vagina. What a country!

What a fun day! Today was the best anniversary of my family's murder EVER!

Jesus had a beard. Her name was Mary

Thanks for a great weekend. I'll never forget the sweet magic of our passionate love making, you guys.

Hey, is it considered molestation if the child makes the first move? I'm gonna need a quick answer on this

a 60 yr old man talked to me all flirty and sexy and asked me if I "do coffee." My asshole clenched so hard I think I pulled it.

The dogs in the apartment next door have been going fucking apeshit for an hour. There better be a dead person in there.

Sorry, Poop -- my asshole is "entrance only."

Syntax question: Is the word, "guzzle" exclusive to jizz?

I am hoping to keep this blog up to date now but then again I have said that before, lets just see what happens


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

fit actor comes out (kinda)

oh I love it when a celebrity comes out, I know it's totally shallow and maybe should be none of our business but I still think its important to have role models out there. The amazingly sexy sottish actor Gerard Butler who can currently be seen starring with Katherine Heigl in "the ugly truth" often plays quite loveable rogues in his films but last week in an interview with an america magazine he stated

"I have been in relationships with women and men, that doesn’t make me gay, that doesn’t make me straight. Butler told the magazine "I talk about my sexuality, but its always glossed over. People seem to shy away from the issue"

Well that’s quite refreshing, a non stereotypical actor discussing his sexuality openly and honestly. In other gay related entertainment news, the ever increasingly charming Daniel Radcliffe has not only openly spoken out against homophobia in the new issue of Attitude magazine but he has now made a major donation to a gay youth anti suicide helpline in America, Radcliffe said of his support -

"It's extremely distressing to consider that in 2009 suicide is a top three killer of young people, and it's truly devastating to learn that LGBTQ youth are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers.

"I deeply hope my support can raise the organisation's visibility so even more despondent youth become aware of the Trevor helpline's highly trained counsellors and Trevor's many other resources.

"It's vitally important that young people understand they are not alone and, perhaps even more important, that their young lives have real value."

Bless you! I am getting all emotional with this kindness, also after watching countless episodes of the Channel 4 reality show "Secret Millionaire" last night I can barely type with my eyes in such pain from crying so hard, I tell you that show restores your faith in human kindness!

Getting married soon, looking for a singer for your wedding, look no further than Katie Price, yes the woman who has somehow managed to destroy her public image completely in the last few weeks was a guest at her make up artists civil partnership at the weekend and got up to sing Whitney Houstons "I have nothing" but instead of singing drunknely called the guests a bunch of c*nts and then started slagging off her estranged husband Peter Andre with more expletives - classy!

Meanwhile Peter Andre's profile with the media and the public is on the increase, he is looking good and being quite charming but I have to say his comeback single is just dreary but it is still predicted to get to number one, I doubt the same could be said for Whitney's comeback single which is so dull I almost fell asleep the first time I heard it, plus her one silky smooth voice now has more of a silk cut twang to it - c'mon whitters!! we wanted a fiesty disco number not some pocahontas disney sounding durge! fix up girl!


Now i know that this guy was on the blog recently but i was rushed and couldn't find any great pics of him, they say time is a healer and ooh baby i am fine now, boomeranging his way back into the boudoir is the star of "True Blood" - Ryan Kwanten

Well I am off for a short break tomorrow to Turku in Finland to see Anna and Tony, really looking forward to seeing them and seeing somewhere different. Probably wont be blogging when I go out there so a full report will be here on monday

have fun and enjoy the apparent sun (not that I even bother listening to the met office - centuries ago you would have been taken out and flogged in the street if you got your predictions so wrong) when did sunny translate as torrential rain?? and vice versa, I go out in a jacket and am sweating my ass off, I go out in a tshirt and get so drenched it turns into a one man wet t shirt contest - sort it out!


Thursday, August 06, 2009

well I never did!

I have to listen to music when I wake up in the morning, it helps me get out of bed, shake my shimmy and start the day with a bop. Usually I slap the laptop on and put one of my spotify playlists on shuffle but this morning I put the radio on instead, I am always tempted to stick to Xfm but accidentally went for Radio 1, this would ordinarily provoke an angry reponse due to the presence of that fat knacker Chris Moyles, but thankfully Scott Mills is covering for him this week and guess what he had the nerve to do, he was playing music - one song after another in regular succession like an actual DJ!! Now if only they would not let Moyles come back we could all live happily ever after..well apart from the stabbings and car jackings.

Now Peter Andre/Katie Price, I have so been on Andre's side but now it has all been confirmed due to his attitude towards his children, his political endeavours and the fact that he looks all kinds of flava's of hot in pants, is that Harvey in your pants or are you just pleased to see me? - woooh child!

So Robbie Williams is back on the scene releasing a new single and album later this year, his last effort "Rudebox" was just wrong, but hopefully his time away has been well spent, apparently he has been working with some great songwriters and it seems he is looking hot so bring it, if rumours are to be believed he will be playing the 02 early next year to fill some of Michael Jackson's dates. I might just be tempted to go, he was my teenage/20's crush

I am getting back into Ugly Betty on 4OD, its stepping up its game and Wilhelmina is getting bitchier which is what we love, apparently for the next series they are going to make Betty less ugly, lets face it 3 seasons with a brace on is enough for anyone, but will it work?, america ferreira who plays betty is an attractive young woman, will we still care if she becomes booty betty?

I don’t mind hot weather as long as there is the glimpse of sun but the last few days in london village have been grey and humid and its totally messing with my aura, why when they were building the bendy buses did no one ask -" the engine and amount of people on here is going to make things really hot and uncomfortable! should we get air conditioning? thankfully my co worker the sweatmonger has not been round much this week so I haven't had to face the ever present danger of collapsing at my desk, but due to hot desking I now have the woman with 3 mobiles - all with different ring tones and text alerts and they go off constantly, I think she is actually a call centre disguised as a bint!

back tomorrow with the boudoir boy!!